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Some recent extensions of fuzzy integrals applied to the computational brain problem

Prof. Humberto Bustince

We start revising some extensions of the classical Choquet and Sugeno integrals that have appeared in the literature and which replace sums, products, min or max by more general operators in their definition. The resulting functions are not, in general, aggregation functions, but they belong to the wider class of pre-aggregation functions, for which monotonicity is required only for some (and not every) positive direction.

We discuss the utility of these functions in some ensemble techniques in order to fuse data fromdifferent channels in order to be able to predict from electroencefalographical signals whether a
given subject is thinking on the movement olf one hand or another. Experimental result with these new families of functions improves those obtained when the classical Choquet and Sugeno integrals are obtained.

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