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:: Paper Submission Guidelines


Paper Submission Process:

Login to the Congress website → Register / Login → Login to the system→ Paper Submission Menu →Filling the Information Form and Paper Abstract → Submission Paper Original Files


Please pay attention to the following points before compiling and submitting the paper:

• Before submitting the paper, be sure to read manuscript submission guidelines on the Congress website.

• Papers should contain new scientific or technical findings on congress subject matter and have not been published in other journals and congresses and are not currently under the review of conferences, workshops, or other journals.

• Papers should be prepared and arranged following the instructions on the Congress website. Papers that do not follow these templates will not be submitted for review.

• Papers are received in either Persian or English.  The papers (accepted and presented to Congress) will indexed in IEEE Xplore and ISC.

• Persian and English papers must be submitted in a maximum of six pages. Abstracts of the submitted articles should be up to 5 lines.

• Extra pages up to four are acceptable for Persian or English papers and will be subject to additional costs. The cost for each additional page is 500 thousand Rials. This additional fee can be paid after the acceptance of the paper, along with the registration fee. To view congress fees, refer to the "Congress Registration Fees" section.

• Accepted papers need to be registered to be included in the congress program and published in the collection of papers.

• The presentation of papers submitted to the virtual sessions of Congress is required. Accepted papers which are not presented to Congress will be removed from the Proceedings of Congress.

• In the Congress day, according to the schedule of papers presentation that will be announced on the congress website, one of the paper's authors must be present at the meeting of the relevant paper, which will be held virtually.

• If any research plagiarism related to the paper is proven at any stage of the review and the submission of the paper is proven, the paper will be removed from the program, and the collection of congress papers, and the consequences will be paid by the authors of the paper. Please note the research ethics and counterfeiting issues listed on the Congress website.


• Reputable scientific research journals:

1. Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems (IJFS); www.ijfs.usb.ac.ir

2. Journal of Mahani Mathematical Research Center (JMMRC); https://jmmrc.uk.ac.ir

3. Journal of Algebraic Hyperstructures and Logical Algebras (JAHLA); www.jahla.hatef.ac.ir
4. Journal of Fuzzy Systems and Applications (
JFSA); www.jfsa.fuzzy.ir


the review of extended versions will expedite the publication process of the selected papers of the Congress. The recommendation of the Congress Scientific Committee will be considered as a positive point.

• The Congress Scientific Committee is reviewing other prestigious journals in this field. More information will be announced as soon as it is known.


Important points related to papers’ format:

● For papers in Persian and English, two formats in Word and LaTex software are available for authors. It's optional for authors to send the papers in one of the above-mentioned formats (e.g. LaTex or Word).

● If the Word format is used, a Word file and a pdf file of the complete paper, including names and authors' affiliation must be sent. It should be noticed that it's necessary to send both Word and pdf files. 

● If LaTex format is used, the source files of LaTex and a pdf file of the complete paper including the names and authors affiliation must be sent. It should be noticed that it's necessary to send both LaTex and pdf files.

● It is recommended to use XePersian software for paper’s preparation in LaTex format. 

● After writing the Persian and English titles of the paper, selecting sub-topics and topics, submitting the abstract, adding the authors’ information and sending the paper, the final registration must be done. 

Paper Template:

Persian Template (Word)

Persian Template (LaTex)

English Template for Conference Proceeding (Word)

English Template for Conference Proceeding (LaTex)



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